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Sitting Down and “Showing Up”

Warning: there’s about to be so many quotation marks. I apologize ahead of time.

I think that the most important part of writing–or doping anything, really–is to “show up.”

So here I am. I have a headache that’s kicking my butt and stress eating away at everything else. Right now, March is hard. There’s a dumb amount of essays and small assignments that are vying for attention, but there’s not enough time for it all and my normal life. But, I’m here, typing away with my morning coffee, water, and a couple Ibuprofen.

Maybe this is a stress headache then. Hmm.

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There’s no “L” in “Relax”

There are some days where everything seems like too much.

I’ve done the abysmal math about how long I have at home, after work, and how much time of that is “wasted” on menial tasks. It’s math at its lowest and most depressing. There’s no logical way that I can complete all the tasks that I need–or even want–to do. Seeing the small slice that I’m allotted of my own life gives me such an unsettled feeling. I only get how much time? And it’s wasted on reading articles for a Collection Management course??

But I digress. I bet most people feel this way, so there’s no use getting us both down in the dumps.

So let’s talk about some positives. More specifically, let’s talk about the value in a night off.

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My Incredibly Objective Essentials for Writing

There are a lot of things you could call “essential” to writing. A hot cup of tea. A sturdy, lined notebook.  An idea. Everyone is different when it comes to writing–and along with every aspect within the process.

I usually see the topic of “writing essentials” pop up more frequently in Fall because of the mini writer holiday that lands within November. There’s a large chance that you’ve heard about it before, but I’m gonna tell you a little about it here too. This “holiday” is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which is when a whole bunch of writers from around the world decide to write 50,000 words in 30 days, together. NaNo has grown significantly over the years, but has still stayed a wonderful community. During this lovely and hectic season, many writers talk about their “essentials for NaNoWriMo.” Almost everyone lists coffee or tea, which is fair, but I want to give you some ideas that are personal to me.

But, hey. That doesn’t mean they can’t work for you. (Or help you figure out your own essentials!)

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Stick to Your Guns?

When I was planning out topics for future blog drafts, I knew that one of the topics I wanted to dive into was the topic of sticking to passions and creative outlets. As someone who’s notorious for going through mid-life-crisis-like crazes, I struggle to remain at the same level of passion for a project or hobby. It’s incredibly frustrating. I have an entire bookshelf of language learning books for Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi–but I know I’m not getting to them any time soon. Before this exact blog where we’re at right now, there were at least four different versions of this blog, dating back to when I was in high school.

To put this in perspective, I’m about to graduate with my master’s. So…it’s been a while.

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And We’re Back

It seems like my whole life has been a yo-yo of blogging and not. Getting insanely excited to set up formats and choose color-themes and get the first post out there and then slowly giving up. Not sure what this says about me. (Actually, it’s more like I don’t want to admit what this says about me, but that’s a whole different beast.) Hopefully, this time, I can stick with it.

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Aspirations and Stuff

I’m not sure what’s driving me to write but, hey, let’s ride with this feeling. It comes too few and far between the other feelings I get.

It’s that time of year again: the end of the year. A time for us all to scramble and figure out what this year has meant to us; what this year has done to wrong us and what it’s done right. And I think I have mixed feelings on this matter. Mostly, I feel like this hasn’t been just one year. It’s felt like three smaller years smushed into one, leaving my heart heavy and my soul aged ahead. There’s been too much heartbreak and change and loss for this to have been a year made up of months. Sometimes time is wild like that, I guess.

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